Workout Tips for Muscle Gain


Hard work and perseverance are all that it takes to build muscle mass and look like the models who appear on the covers of health and fitness magazines. But there are certain things that you can do to make the journey to a perfect body shorter. Therefore, if you want to find out some great workout tips for muscle gain, read the following lines.

Wear weighted clothing to increase the difficulty of your workout session

Weighted clothing includes weighted vests, ankle weights, and weighted gloves. To gain muscle mass fast and see impressive results in no time, you must wear all these weighted clothing pieces when you workout. The added resistance of the weighted clothing will effectively increase the difficulty of your workout session, meaning that you will achieve the desired results in no time.

Do partial lifts

A great trick that you can use when you workout to gain muscle mass faster is to do partial lifts. More precisely, don’t lift all the way for 3 sets, but rather lift only a third of the way in the first set, two-thirds of the way on the second set, and the entire way during the final set. Also, you can reverse the load to make your workout session more difficult. Therefore, lift more weight during the first set, and less weight during the second and third set.

Exercise big muscle groups

When you start your journey to muscle growth, it’s best to first exercise the big muscle groups. This will jump start the muscle building process, and it will lead to faster muscle gain. The large muscle groups that you must exercise at the beginning of your muscle gain journey are the back, leg, and chest muscles. Therefore, focus on them for the first 1-2 weeks to see fast results.

Diversify the workout routine

If you rush the muscle gain process, you won’t necessarily achieve the desired results. Therefore, instead of spending your entire day in the gym, doing 3 intense workout sessions in which you exercise all your muscles, it’s better to have patience. Pair muscle groups two by two and work them out daily, taking a break once every 6 days. This is a more effective way to increase muscle mass and strength.