Which is the Ideal Room Temperature for Cardio Workouts


To be able to perform at your full potential when you do cardio workouts, you must ensure an ideal room temperature. Otherwise, your performance will be affected. If you want to find out which is the ideal room temperature for cardio workouts and how to maintain it, read the following lines.

What is the optimal room temperature for cardio workouts?

To stay safe while you do your cardio workout and to be in a pleasant environment in which you will be able to perform at your best levels, there must be a temperature between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the room. This is the temperature range that keeps most cardio exercises comfortable, allowing you to workout for as long as possible. If you plan on running on the treadmill and nothing more, you can set the temperature in the room between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does an increased or reduced temperature affect the number of calories that you burn?

A lot of people think that if it’s cool in the room in which they do their cardio workout, they won’t burn enough calories because they won’t sweat a lot. Also, a lot of people think that increased temperatures help them lose more calories because they sweat excessively. Both of these impressions are wrong, a hot environment in which you do cardio not helping you at all when it comes to calorie loss or a cool environment stopping calories from being burned. The truth is that if you don’t maintain the temperature that we talked about earlier, you won’t be able to perform, and your workout routine will be cut short.

Maintain an ideal temperature in the room when you do cardio with the NewAir AF-310 tower fan

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