What Is the Ideal Temperature for Working Out


When you work out, there are several details you have to pay attention to if you want to enjoy the perfect workout environment. Temperature is one detail that you can control and that requires extra attention because it influences not only your health condition but also your workout performance. Let’s discover together which is the ideal temperature for working out so you will know how to adjust it.

The temperature levels

If you ask a professional trainer, they will tell you that the gym temperature should be somewhere between 68 and 72F or 20 and 22C with small fluctuations. They will also tell you that different types of exercises require different temperatures depending on the core temperature of your body. Still, the ideal temperature should not exceed 72 degrees because you could get too hot and suffer from heat exhaustion.

The temperature varies from exercise to exercise

As said before, the temperature at the gym or in the room where you work out should depend on the type of exercises you are performing. The more intense ones like weightlifting or cardio increase your body temperature so you should keep the room cooler and more ventilated. This is because the effort is higher and your body could get very hot and suffer from dehydration. The ideal temperature for using the treadmill, the bike or the rowing machine is around 68 degrees or even less. Exercises that don’t imply too much effort like aerobics or yoga can be performed in rooms with temperatures that reach 72 degrees.

Heat up your basement gym

Many people have the gym in their basement because it’s the area of the house that is not very circulated and they can keep all their fitness equipment there. Basements are usually cold and humid so they are not the best place for exercising unless the temperature aspect is taken care of. Working out in a cold room could cause health problems because the difference of temperature between the body and the air is very high. Therefore, any basement gym should be heated until the air reaches at least 68 degrees. The infrared heater is a good choice for heating the gym because it radiates a pleasant warmth that makes you feel comfortable. You can turn the heater on before you start to work out then turn it off and the feeling of warmth will be kept during your workout session.