Useful Advice for Exercising in Summer Heat and Humidity


Unfortunately, summer comes accompanied by unbearable heat and high humidity. This makes it hard and uncomfortable to exercise both indoors and outdoors. If you want to maintain your active lifestyle throughout the warm season, exercising in the summer heat and humidity, read the following lines and apply the advice given here.

Wear loose clothes

No matter if you exercise indoors or outdoors, make sure that you wear loose clothes to be as comfortable as possible when you workout. Also, go with clothes made with cotton because this material helps in the evaporation of sweat. If you plan on exercising outdoors, wear clothes that have a lighter color to help reflect the heat.

Stay hydrated

It’s vital that you stay properly hydrated when you exercise in the summer heat. Drink 1-2 glasses of water prior to the workout session. Also, carry a bottle of water with you, and remember to take a drink every 15 minutes, even if you don’t feel thirsty. After you finish the workout session, drink 1-2 glasses of water as well.

Remove the excess moisture caused by sweating with the Eva-Dry E-333 dehumidifier

If you exercise in your home during summer, the humidity will surely rise due to the fact that you will sweat a lot. To remove the excess moisture from the air, use the Eva-Dry E-333 dehumidifier. This compact dehumidifier costs only $20. It works in areas that span up to 333 cubic feet. Due to the fact that it uses a renewable silica gel technology, this dehumidifier works without batteries or power. It takes about 30 days before it needs renewing. In addition, it’s completely silent when it operates.

Cool your home gym with the Honeywell HYF023W tower fan

If you exercise in your home gym, you must use the Honeywell HYF023W tower fan to cool this room and make it pleasant to be in. It will cost you only $50 to purchase this cooling device. This tower fan offers 3 speed settings for you to choose from. It can oscillate to provide an even cooling of the home gym. It features an automatic shut-off timer that can be set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. On the highest speed setting, it produces only 52 dB. Therefore, it won’t distract you during your workout routine.