3 Easy Ways to Clean Gym Clothes


Every time you come home from the gym, you have to clean your gym clothes that are sweaty and smell odd, which is not a pleasant thing to do. To help you minimize the discomfort, we offer you 3 easy ways to clean your gym clothes with little effort so they will be clean and fresh for your next gym class.

Use the steamer to remove odors

Your gym clothes might not be very dirty or perhaps you didn’t wear them at all but you had them in your gym bag, which means they only need a little refreshment. If you don’t want to soak them in water or wash them too many times, you can use a simple trick that involves your clothes steamer. Besides removing the wrinkles from your clothes, this useful device can also take away the bad odors from your clothes. Pass the hot steam over your gym clothes to eliminate any bad odor and to freshen up the fabric. You can do this with clean clothes as well if you want to eliminate any bacteria that could gather inside the fibers.

Wash and dry them normally

Most of the gym clothes can be easily washed in the washing machine and dried in the clothes dryer and the fabrics won’t suffer damage. To be sure of that, check the labels and see the special considerations of every piece of clothing and adjust the water temperature. When you toss them in the dryer, make sure you set the right temperature and the proper drying time so the clothes will come out looking great. For the ones that can’t go in the dryer, hang them dry to allow the fibers to stretch and to maintain their proper shape.

Soak the clothes in water

If you come home from the gym with a bag full of sweaty clothes and you don’t have the time to wash them immediately, let them dry very well before putting them in the dirty laundry basket otherwise, they will smell bad. What you can also do to prevent bad odors and mold from developing is soak them in lukewarm water with some vinegar or lemon juice that will help remove the possible bacteria and germs. After sitting in the water for a short time, hang them dry and you will then be able to wash them along with other clothes.